Brief 01 – Take a photograph of public space

The brief for this week was to choose a photo from our stroll through London last week, that we thought displayed an urban process. This photo of St. Paul’s was taken from inside the new One New Change shopping centre, designed by Jean Nouvel. See the key plan for the location.


I chose this photo for the following reasons:

* The composition of the photo is aesthetic pleasing and almost abstract

* The fact I chose to take this photo because the architecture presented the opportunity and view. There is an urban process at work simply in the taking of a photo.

* The idea that One New Change is another one of London’s ‘malls without walls’, it displays the growing trend of generic shopping centres full of big business, high street chain stores, that are popping up all over the country. eg westfields

* The physical and metaphorical way that the old building of St.Paul’s is reflected in the new building of One New Change

* Also the entire design of the building is a result of the strict planning rules and regulations surrounding St. Paul’s and the city of London in general. The form of the building is carved from heights restrictions and viewing corridors of St. Paul’s. Along with the site footprint and the daylighting and rights of lights of the surrounding buildings.

* The building questions how new buildings should respond to existing old buildings. Prince Charles attempted to have the Architects thrown off the job. Similar to what he did with the former plans to develop the Chelsea Barracks. The design here is questionable and perhaps not to everyone taste, but is it better that, than a pastiche design that mimics the surroundings, that is neither old or anything new, just like the near by Paternoster Square development.


Here is an interesting article on One New Change and its design.



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